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There’s nothing a Northern beauty obsessive loves more than a trip to Space NK.  Today I’ve had a day off, so I’ve used and abused my Oyster card and whisked myself off to my nearest store in St Paul’s.  When I’m up North and I read blogs by London gals, I often feel a pang of sadness that Space NK doesn’t currently have a store in Liverpool.  Yeah, I know you can buy online but there’s nothing like perusing the various counters and dousing yourself with Diptyque Philosykos guilty.  I mean don’t get me wrong there are beauty halls in the North but this place is so darn good you want to write home about it.

Admittedly, St Paul’s isn’t Space NK’s biggest store but its enough for a beauty junkie like me to get a quick fix.  I’m not going to lie, Space NK isn’t easy on the old purse strings and I’ll be eating beans on toast for the next week but its a cracking treat, especially after getting lost on the tube and getting caught in the London rain wearing gladiator sandals I digress……  It is one of my favourite spots to stock up on my much-loved beauty bounty.

So here’s what’s giving my bank manager a heart attack this week.  Ren is a brand that has been on the lips of many a beauty blogger over the past few months.  I havent actually tried anything from them yet but I’ve heard great things on the blogger grapevine and with my skin experiencing the harshness of the London air, I thought the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask would be a welcome treat.  It promises to banish dreaded pore congestion and is a non abrasive alternative to beaded exfoliants. Swoon.

Now Caudalie is a brand that I’ve championed in the past.  I’m a lover of a few of their products and the Beauty Elixir is a repurchase.  Since being down here, I’ve found that my skin has started to look tired and in need of a little somethin’ somethin’, you know what I mean? Plus the zesty fragrance always has me humming Outkast’s ‘so fresh, so clean’….OK, just me? What I like about this is the even application.  There’s nothing worse than spraying your face with a product that only applies directly where pointed.  It’s such a great all-rounder, too.  Not only can it be used to tighten pores but it can be used as a toner and it’s jam-packed with skin care benefits. Whats more, it’s 30ml size means its handy to throw into your bag as a trusty travel companion.

Last but my no means least is the Kiehls lip balm with an SPF 25. Now admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting beauty purchase, however now that the sun has decided to rear his all too vacant head, my skin care SPF count has been well and truly amplified.  The consistency of this is quite oily meaning it makes for easy application and it easily absorbs into the lips.   There is nothing I hate more than a lip product that just sits there doing nothing.  My lips feel moisturised and protected against the sun all at the same time! Winner!

Have you ever tried any of these?  What are your favourite Space NK treats?