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When it comes to brows, women up and down the country have their own set of rules.  There are no guidelines or beauty manuals that universally cover the technique to create the ultimate ‘one size fits all’ brow.  I know from experience that having a good basic understanding is enough to get you by, you just need to invest in the right products and tools and you’re ready to get cracking.

Now I hate to preach but there is definitely one item that should take pride of place in your brow arsenal. Step in the industry adored MAC 266. This has single handedly revolutionised my brows bold statement but it’s the epitome of the perfect brow tool.  It’s angled to give precise application, it has natural bristles so if your brows have a penchant for powder products expect a love affair to form.

Personally, I favour powder products to bridge the gap between sparse brows but there are a whole range of different product to get you to destination Browsville in no time.  Pencils tend to misbehave with me and as the day wears thin they have an annoying habit of sliding out of place.  The Anastasia Brow Wiz is the only pencil product that gets along with my brows and as its a pricey little number, I find it much easier to stick to what I know and use Bobbi Brown shadows in Sable and Mahogany.

Whatever your weapon of choice, the key is to utilise them to create texture and definition.  Avoid colouring in your brows as this will give a flat appearance and people will tell a mile off that they’re not the real McCoy.  Use feathered strokes to create the illusion of extra hairs. Brushing them up with a spooly brush will help to identify the areas where you need to fill in the missing gaps.  For the shape, I always hold a brush to my nose and start where the line meets my nose and inner eye.  Then for the arch I anchor the end of the brush to my nose and cut through the pupil of my eye with the top of the brush. This gives the perfect location to create arch.  Finally I determine the length by keeping the brush at my nose and moving the top of it to the outside edge of my eye.  This will point out the perfect place to end.  After all the faux action is done and I’m sporting my best interpretation of an Elizabeth Taylor brow ahem I fix them into place with my trusty old Face Stockholm Brow Fix – brilliant  for keeping my unruly brows in check and encouraging them to behave.

What do you use for your brows?