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Being the proud owner of an OK-ish complexion, concealer was something I used to overlook in my everyday makeup rotation.  I was happy to sport the dreaded under eye bags and around the nose redness, honestly….. Well I’m happy to announce that those days sans concealer are a definite thing of yesteryear. I’ve welcomed with open arms the addition of the odd blemish coverup and my under eyes are doing the mexican wave thanks to the introduction of a bit of a highlighted bag busting formulation.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Extra Light Bisque:  I’ve talked about how my first encounter with this was when I purchased the shade Peach *shudder*.  Since getting properly colour matched I haven’t been able to live without this.  It’s not the creamiest formulation of the three but with that being said the risk of it settling into fine lines is minimal.  I find it best to apply this with your finger by first rubbing it between your ring finger and thumb to make it more workable.  It works well at neutralising any blue tones and is a perfect base for a highlighting concealer, which leads me on nicely to…

YSL Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen in shade 1:  I’d reserve this one for more of a pale complexion as I personally don’t find the shade very versatile.  It’s my go to for highlighting the under eyes and making me look more awake.  It’s not the most hygienic product but I can overlook that for its ability to freshen up my look.  It’s a keeper as they say and my eyes thank me for it.  Not the cheapest but I’ve had mine for a while now and who isn’t a sucker for luxe gold packaging? Guilty

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:  Last but by no means least is this little number that has been enjoying the rotation of the Beauty domain.  It’s a snip at around £5 but what this little chap can’t conceal isn’t worth writing home about.  It boasts a thick, opaque consistency with a promised 16 hour staying power.  Personally, I havent tested this theory, however I covers the occasional breakout without having to apply multiple layers.  I avoid using this under the eyes as I find it a little too thick and it can crease but over any redness it’s a sure-fire way to cheat a perfect complexion.  Always set with a powder to give it a little more reason to stick around.

Have you tried any of these concealers?  What are your secrets to a perfect complexion?