Hand in the bucket if you’re a fan of a good night time treatment?  I sure as hell am.  In the early days of my beauty obsession, the idea of oils and serums seriously intimidated me.  When it came to it,  I didn’t know my arm from my elbow and I thought that a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise would cut the mustard.  Well those days are long gone and my skincare regime ante has been well and truly amped.

I’m only 23 but as the old saying goes, prevention is certainly better than cure.  I was first introduced to Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum when I complained of really dull skin at the Lauder counter.  I played about with the prospect of buying it for around a millisecond and have to say, my night time routine would be one hell of a sad place without it. It seems to be a trend in the industry at the moment to christen products with a novel sized title but I guess it does everything the name suggests. As a night repair rookie, I began with smearing it all over my face and was massively puzzled at how two drops of the stuff would cover my whole face.  Now after a nifty google search, I quickly learned the trick was to drop it into your hands, rub them together and press it into your face using your palms to push the product into your lower dermis.  It covers a whole load of beauty bases, too.  It repairs uneven skin tone, past damage and gives an instant injection of hydration thanks to its Chronolux technology and the beauty industry buzz word of the moment: Hyluronic acid.

I honestly think this has done wonders for my skin’s redness and it is enjoying a new wave of hydration.  The smell is an acquired taste and if you can get over that hurdle it really is a great addition to any skincare regime. After a good cleanse and tone, this plumps the skin to look radiant and glowing.  It’s a shame the only thing that gets to see my skin after use is my pillow.  Oh, and don’t forget to moisurise afterwards.  I normally follow with a hefty dose of whatever souped up moisturiser I have on rotation but I sometimes lather on the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and breathe.

Have you tried the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.  What do you think?