It’s no secret that BB creams have caused a huge divide in the beauty industry. Loved by some, loathed by others they can quite rightly be seen as a glorified tinted moisturizer. I mostly agree with the latter.  I’ve been left feeling darn disappointed that the true spirit of BB creams had been lost in translation in transit from Asia to the Western world. Enriched with skin care benefits and a hefty dose of SPF, Asia had it down in the BB stakes. However here, it seems to be a money spinning cash cow for beauty brands who havent truly embraced what it takes to create a cracking BB formula.

I had always sat happily on the fence. I’m a light to medium coverage kinda gal and have always been rather satisfied with my Chanel Lift Lumiere. Fast forward to the appearance of some long-awaited sunshine and the little skin care niggle for extra SPF reared his little head. What happened next rocked my world, bold statement. I discovered the Diorskin BB Creme and i’m pretty sure it’s going to keep rocking my world for a loooong time.

Rather unlike others on the BB spectrum, this little gem has all of the qualities a BB cream should offer.  SPF check, light formulation check, hydration check, blurs imperfections check.  It doesn’t have the greatest SPF count, admittedly but it does make your skin look ah-mazing.  After burning my face last weekend (I know, shame on me) my normally dry skin has well and truly fallen out with me.  The formulation of this little lifesaver is so that it doesn’t cling to any dry patches and for this reason, I salute it.  I’ve worn it all day today shopping for more beauty treats don’t judge me and it hasn’t budged.  Not one teeny little bit.  If anything, it’s actually wearing better as the day goes on.  Not totally matte and not too dewy it is setting the bar for all of the other BB offerings out there.  Heck, i’m just going to throw this out there:  Skin, say hello to your new best friend.

Have you tried Diorskin Nude?  What did you think?