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Sun for the skin….

Look at it.  Keep looking.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The packaging of this product is enough to reel me in but the fact that it is an incredibly wearable product means it gets a massive plainQUIRKY thumbs up!  Many bronzers on the market are so dense in warm pigmentation that they can be a little daunting and overbearing for the paler complexion.  Especially since the epidemic of ‘Orangeitus’ that swept the country a few years ago *shudders* us pale kids have had it tough in the bronzer stakes.


I’m not saying I’m not partial to a bit of bronzer, I have my fair of the stuff but what I love about this little Clarins number is that its multi tonal, so depending on your skin tone, you can build the matte powder to give you the finish you like.  Plus its multipurpose which is great for travelling as the centre holds an oyster like gem of the most gorgeous shimmering highlighter which can be used on the eyes and on the cheekbones to give you a coveted Spring/Summer glow.  The consistency is silky and not at all ‘cakey’ and blends out really well.  This aztec embossed treat is defiantly a welcome addition to my shamefully expanding makeup collection.

This is Limited Edition, so if you wanted to try it, strap skates to your shoes and GO GO GO!  I love it when I can recommend a product for us pale skin tones. *Happy dance*