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A Revlon carry on….

Revlon seemed to be a brand that had forced it’s way into hibernation on the British High Street.  When I was younger it seemed to be everywhere but as I grew older, Revlon products became increasingly rare and their popularity dwindled.  For this reason, it was always a brand I had overlooked.  Recently however, their products have enjoyed a huge injection of popularity, becoming firm cult favorites with make up artists and beauty bloggers alike.

Revlon have become hugely aware of trends and what I’ve grown to love is the fact that their colour ranges mirror colour trends seen at Fashion Week.  Gucci Westman, Revlon’s Global Artistic Director placed Revlon at the forefront of winning backstage looks by injecting a red tone at Antonio Berardi at London Fashion Week.  It was one of my favorite looks and was created using Colourburst shades in ‘True Red’, ‘Kiss me Coral’ and ‘Shine City’ lipgloss.  All brought together using the well-loved Colourstay palette in ‘Goddess’ with 3D volume mascara on the lashes.


One of their stand out products for me, has to be the Photo Ready cream blush in ‘Coral Reef’.  Their collection of cream blush are amazing as they work on a cream to powder formulation so are perfectly wearable on the skin.  They are super easy to blend so if you’re a cream blush virgin these are perfect for beginners and wont be as intimidating as others on the market as they’re not too heavily pigmented.

Hot on the heels of their beauty industry favourite Photo Ready, Revlon’s Nearly Naked is a product that has proven quite rare in it’s price range as it provides a light coverage.  So many drug store brands champion a heavy coverage foundation and as I don’t like this, I tend to stay away.  This verges on the side of a tinted moisturizer but has the perfect amount of pigmentation to give you an even coverage.  It’s builable too, meaning you can achieve your desired coverage without it becoming too ‘cakey’.  I’m hooked.  What’s even more fantastic is the fact that you’re not restricted to a handful of shades, Revlon have created a range of  10 neutral shades with matching powders.  It’s a lovely light and dewy everyday foundation. Revlon are back and they mean business.

Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are perfect for the girl who just wants a subtle injection of colour on her lips.  They’re not overly pigmented so if you want to experiment with colours but don’t want anything too dramatic then these are perfect.  I used these on an event I was working on a few weeks ago and they were a hit with every woman I used them on.  I also used the Colourburst lip butters which were also a winner as not only did they plump the lips with a gorgeous hint of colour, they also provided maximum hydration because they contain shea and coconut butter.  They really do tick a lot of beauty lover boxes.

 As you may have guessed from reading plainQUIRKY, I usually stick to what I know and trust when it comes to makeup brands.  I rarely experiment with drugstore brands as we have a history of not liking one another and it had seemed we had made an unspoken pact to stay away from each other.   I foolishly favor the luxury end of the beauty spectrum.  However, if Revlon continue to churn out more of these little lucky charms I’ll have to humbly eat my words and find space in my makeup collection for more drugstore brands.  I like surprises, so I’m going to give a few more drugstore brands a whirl and see if I can be converted……