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BeautyMART beauties….

I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent some things through from BeautyMART and have decided I’m going to do a monthly edit of my favourite products from what they have to offer.  BeautyMART is something I’ve championed before.  It’s a one stop shop for the products loved by industry insiders and is like shopping from the pages of Grazia or Vogue. However, instead of having to scour the high street, all the cult classics and latest well-loved products are in all one place!

At the moment, I’m all about skin care.  The dry cold weather has led to my face becoming chapped and blotchy and in need of a skincare SOS.  There are so many mud masks out there promising to be the skin saviour I have been looking for but none that have worked quite like GLAMGLOW.  Made with a mixture of volcanic rock, French sea clay and leaf pieces (stay with me, its much better than it sounds!) it’s a tingling knight in shining armour for sulking skin.  I have to admit, when I first applied it I was unconvinced, the tingle was a bit alien but I stuck with it and the results were AMAZING.  Soft, smooth and blackhead free skin.  Not bad for 20 minutes work!  Plus if it’s good enough for the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman then it’s good enough for little old me!

I’ve talked about my love affair with Japanese skin care before and how DHC were some of my go – to products for distressed skin.  I’ve used the oil (life saver) in the past but have always lived by the theory that using soap on your skin would make you shrivel up and die.  OK, so I’m being dramatic but I’ve always approached skin soaps with caution.  As I love DHC products so much, I threw caution to the wind and tried their Pure Soap.  There they go again, creating a product I can now, not live without.  It’s totally non-drying to the skin and because it contains fruit oils, its super nourishing for the skin.  Winner!  I’m a sucker for packaging, too!  The mint gingham purse it comes in won me over too, with the product itself being an absolute keeper.

All in all,  BeautyMART have some incredible products and as they have been edited by beauty experts, you’re safe in the knowledge that these products actually work!