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Never underestimate the power of the makeup wand….It’s magic….

The beauty market is saturated with a phenomenal amount of makeup brushes, so with all that choice, how do you know which ones work best and which ones to use when applying your makeup?  You don’t need to spend the earth on makeup brushes, unless you’re a professional makeup artist, you only need a few to get you started.

The most important thing to know is which brush is best to use for the job you want to do.  For example, applying foundation with a brush that has natural bristles can damage your brush.  This is because the natural bristles will soak up the liquid and cause the brush to clog up and cause application to look blotchy and the pigment to look uneven.  I certainly have fallen victim to this, my days as a teenager experimenting with makeup lead to some makeup disasters but it really does come with experience and knowing which bristle works best.  To avoid damaging your brushes and to achieve the best application, invest in a foundation brush with synthetic bristles for application of liquids or cream formulas such as cream blushes or highlighters.  I love to use a Real Techniques stippling or buffer brush but it really is down to personal preference.

Natural bristles are a must have for holding onto pigment and spreading them evenly across the surface of your face.  For this reason natural brushes are perfect for powders such as eye shadows or face powders including blush or powdered bronzer.  You don’t really want to use a synthetic brush for these type of products as they won’t cling to the brush as well, so you’ll end up wasting a lot of product and achieve poor application and blending.  I think Crown or NARS brushes are the best for this.  Over the last few years, the quality of MAC face brushes has seriously deteriorated with bristles falling out of some brushes leaving a bristle trail all over the face.  However, it’s whatever brand works best for you but for natural bristles, I personally love Crown, Louise Young, Real Techniques and Sigma.  Although with that being said, when it comes to the eye area, no girl should be without a MAC 217 or a 239.

As long as you have a synthetic brush of your choice for liquids and creams (including gel liners) and a few small natural brushes for your eyes and bigger ones for your powders, you will have a good basic brush kit to be getting you started.