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neon ss

Can you kick it?

Gearing up for Fashion Week is always an exciting time of year.  New drones of Fashionistas, new trends and most importantly a whole new batch of style inspiration.  I’m constantly inspired.  Inspiration hits me on a daily basis through mediums such as Instagram and Twitter and with Fashion Week Fever being ever-present, my desire for a new look has prevailed.

Nineties Cool is a trend I’ll drag kicking and screaming into SS13.  Think acid hues with a fluorescent personality and you’ll be on the money.  Think alternative, think new wave, think ‘I’m going out wearing neon plastic today’…… With this in mind and with inspiration hitting me from every angle, I’ve decided to dust of my sewing skills and create oversized grunge inspired pieces all of my own.  What better way to channel your fashion creativity than through wearing something you’ve created?  Channel your inner Henry Holland or Dries Van Noten SS13 or even Gwen Stefani complete with Minnie Mouse hair buns.  You’ll be sure to be shamelessly on trend.

So armed with 90’s nostalgia and a sewing machine, i’m excited to see what fashion treats I can create.  Watch this space………