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[this season] it’s all about the ‘no make up’ make up….

She has a make up kit that millions would be envious of and an infectious personality that makes you trust whatever make up style she creates for you.  Danielle McAllister is a MAC make up artist & freelance with a talented eye for all things make up!  She has been lucky enough to meet Nicki Minaj and has been transforming the faces of girls the North West over with amazing results plus she’s such a lovely character, you’d want her to do your make up everyday!  Here, Danielle discusses her favourites, personal style and next seasons beauty trends…..Enjoy!

What’s it like working for MAC?

I love my job so much!  I love the training we get and all the artistry time, too!  MAC is definitely a great company to work for and there are so many opportunities too!

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become a make up artist?

Get on a make up counter! Without a doubt! You learn so much from other artists, its unreal!  I wouldn’t know all of my tips and tricks if it wasn’t for the girls on counter!  Also, you are constantly doing make up so you can practice all the time!

What’s the best make up tip you’ve ever been given?

Preparing the skin properly! It just makes make up sit on the skin so much nicer!  Skin care is so important!

What has been your best experience since working in the industry?

Its got to be meeting all of the amazing and talented people since working at MAC! Also going down to meet Nicki Minaj in London with work was really fun too!

What is your favourite make up look?

I love a liner and a statement lip!  Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick is my all time favourite, definitely!

What are the three make up products you can’t live without?

First one has got to be Chanel Cream Bronzer!  This is so amazing, I use it on everyone and myself everyday! You can build it up so it matches so many skin tones! Nars sheer glow foundation too.  It’s my cult product!  It’s really lightweight but has the perfect amount of coverage! If I need anymore, I’ll add a concealer.  Lastly, It’s got to be Bobbi Brown gel liner in black, it lasts so long on the eye and is also amazing as a base on a smoky eye.

What make up trends are going to be big this Summer?

It’s all about the ‘no make up’ make up! Flawless, dewy skin with flashes of colour like a neon lip! Metallic on the eyes is also another trend! Slivers in the corner of the eye swept across the lid! Very futuristic! Another trend is all about the natural tan, so no fake tan but the skin slightly toasted with a bit of bronzer and all creamy products again creating a really natural finish.  Any shadow is really blown out, very seamless!

Describe your own personal style.

I think my style is very basic, comfy clothes!  Having a key piece of clothing that makes an outfit!

What is your favourite trend?

I think my favourite fashion trend has got to be all the bright colours on the runway this season! Statement clothing!

If you could name one person who you would love to do make up for, who would it be?

I think it would have to be for Beyonce! She is amazing! Imagine!! I would love that!!

Where do you find your inspiration for make up looks?

It has either got to be Instagram or other artists! Just to get ideas and make them your own!

What do you always carry in your kit?

Reflect glitters from MAC.  Any look i create, it just adds a bit of something! My Chanel bronzer, of course and gel liners!

Do you have a signature look?

Its got to be a fresh dewy skin and a straight liner! With a pair of lashes, of course!Loving natural lashes with a bit of a flick at the moment! MAC 36s and Eylure 117s!

What item would you recommend for removing make up?

Shu Uemura’s classic cleansing oil! It just gets rid of every bit of make up and your skin looks amazing after it!

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Hopefully still working for MAC but progressed through the company as a trainer or on the events team!  Doing all of the fashion shows! That would definitely be my dream!!

If you’re in the North West of England be sure to check out Danielle’s MUA Facebook page!