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Street Style is nice on the eye….

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for street style and this upcoming Paris Fashion Week is no exception.  Imagine walking the streets to be greeted by an array of visual creativity.  A style treat before your very eyes.  As you may have guessed, quirky style is my personal preference and its on the runways outdoors where this is best captured.  Imagine this:  Saint Laurent teamed with Celine and accessorised with a cool mix of haute and sport; the perfect style cocktail mixed effortlessly. 

What better backdrop to your walking masterpiece than the Carrousel du Louvre and other historical landmarks?  Semi annually, the French put on a show stopper with some of the most chic street style wherever you look.  In comparison with other Fashion Weeks such as New York and London, who champion a more edgy and experimental street style, Paris shows the world how to epitomise the ‘chic-ness‘ of Chanel.  With Chanel today and Maison Martin Margiela tomorrow should come a flock of muted tones and elegant shapes, one thing always guaranteed at a Margiela show are a killer collection of accessories, so search the crowd for the latest shoes and bags finished off with a must-have pair of next season’s shades.  Take note from the off duty model, who oozes casual chic and what better way to gain access to whats going on backstage than taking note off what the model wears off the runway?

For the fashion forward, take style notes from the FROW fashionista.  She knows what you’ll be wearing next season before it’s even sent down the runway.  To find her simply walk the streets of Fashion Week!