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Savvy Shopper…

When it comes to style, interpretations differ from fashionista to fashionista.  Whether you champion your look on your ability to piece together the best handpicked items from next season or you love to trawl through vintage fairs to find a hidden treasure, your look is a perfect presentation of you and should not warrant a price budget.  So with that said, your own individual look shouldn’t depend on how much you spend.

eBay is awash with trinkets and treasures for the quirky girl and with January meaning purse strings have to tighten, budgets for accessories have to be limited.  It’s for this reason that my love for products ‘made in China’ is heightened.  This week I’ve managed to  snap these little beauties up at a fraction of the price that I’d find them on the UK high street.  First was this lovely eye decal design bracelet that made my bank balance rejoice as it cost a mere £1 with free postage and packaging; now that’s what I call being a savvy fashionista!  Next was the spike detail bracelet which was the same price. Seem too good to be true?  Well it really isn’t!  The badass look was prevalent for Fashion Week SS13 with spikes and studs being sent down the runways of Tahir Sultan in London.  For this reason, you can be sure that the edgy trend that has seen us through AW12 has been granted somewhat of a prolonged shelf life.

As you may have guessed if you follow plainQUIRKY on Instagram, nail art has been something that has had my creative side in a spin.  Normally, I’d be splashing out on the latest Chanel, Essie and OPI offerings, however I’ve decided to have a look to see what nail polishes with all altogether cheaper price tag have to offer.  With neon set to be a huge trend this coming SS13 after being seen at shows such as Topshop Unique, I purchased a neon yellow polish from China with a £1 price tag. Apart from the strong polish scent, it wears just as well as the other brands!  Teamed with the next big nail trend, the claw, my nails were winners all round!