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Creative Claws

I’m all glittered out after the party season and there is just something about January, that seems to zap all life out of everything.  Even the remnants of Christmas spirit can’t perk it up, so I’ve been looking for ways to be inspired and it has come in the creative form of nail art.

I know, I know!  Nail art has been around longer than Noah and his Ark but when you seem to be the type of person who is drawn to everything beauty based, creative nail art never seems to go out of trend.

Last year I trained to become a fully qualified nail technician, meaning I could apply acrylics nails to the nation (well, the North West at least!) and was never fully inspired enough to want to do it long-term.  That was until I began to discover how popular nail art had become, even trending on twitter as #manicuremondays, where trend conscious girls showcased their unique talons to the beauty world.  I have been hooked ever since!  So, I’ve dusted off my nail kit and i’ve been having a whirl at recreating some of the biggest trends from the galaxy nail to the simple yet effective leopard print!

Nails are set to be HUGE next year, especially since ‘WAH nails’ featured backstage at last year’s London Fashion Week, sending models down the catwalk with enviable nails.  Their houndstooth and half moon contrast nails have been inspiring fashionistas up and down the country! Even celebs have become nail icons from Rihanna’s stiletto nails to Nicola Roberts’ cute heart tipped talons – one of my fave!  Magazines such as Company even have a dedicated section of their magazine to champion their readers own nail art.  So, if you’re not already riding this bandwagon, I’d seriously consider getting yourself a ticket to ride because nails look set to dominate the fashion world this year and I’m certainly a fan!  I’ve tried to be creative, so above are a few examples of a few designs I’ve tried for myself.  It really will have you pulling out your best polishes and practicing.