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It’s the most wonderful time of the year……

I’ve had such a lovely little weekend.  Christmas has to be my favourite times of year (apart from Fashion Weeks, of course!) and what better way to get into the christmas swing of things than to visit a Christmas Market, in Cologne no less.  I had the usual dilemma of what to pack, I had enough to clothe a small town but you can never have enough outfit choices!  For me it was all about the fur.  You can’t go to Germany without channeling your inner Hollywood icon and you certainly can’t forget your best red lipstick!


I’ve always wanted to go to a German Christmas market, to sample the mulled wine, spy the little Hansel & Gretel gingerbread houses and get truly swept away with the Christmas spirit that is ever-present at this time of year.  Plus if you follow plainquirky on Instagram, you’ll know of my love for russian dolls, so when I found a stall with the best collection ever, I felt like a child let loose in Willy Wonka’s factory!


I made my journey via Munich airport, which was a holiday in itself.  Step off the plane into the loving bosom of Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo and Burberry to name but a few.  Seriously, if I wasn’t so set on eating German sausage in Cologne I’d have spent the duration of my weekend here!


Cologne fashion doesn’t really do it for me though to be honest.  I was more impressed with how the men dressed.  Sharp and well-groomed, they outshone the women in the fashion stakes.  It seemed such a shame to grace them with such names as Hermes and Louis Vuitton when they didn’t appear to be making best use of them, I should really put my claws away!  Although I loved how unfazed people were by men walking through shops with French bulldogs on leads – how very glamourous!?

The Cathedral of Cologne is really a credit to the City.  If you’re a fan of fine architecture I’d really recommend a trip to see it.  It reminds me somewhat of Notre Dame in Paris and I think it’s because there is something very gothic about it and very inspiring.  My photos don’t do it half as much justice!


All in all Cologne has the ingredients to provide a truly magical Christmas.  With its stalls of traditional German foods or quirky decorations for your home, it gives you that warm Disney type feeling.  I’m getting all cheesy here and I’ll stop before I cringe myself out but I really can’t praise it enough for getting me out of my Scrooge frame of mind and filling me full of cheer.  Plus it gave me an excuse to bring out my Winter coat that’s been dying to make an appearance – winner!  Oh, & thank God for my Bobbi Brown extra balm rinse, my skin felt the cold but Cologne was defiantly worth a bout of dry skin!