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How much does a Hipster weigh? An Instagram..

So, I’m always either the last to catch on or too lazy to catch up and the same thing goes with the Instagram hype.  You’d think I’d be right on the bandwagon, having a fashion blog and all but in all honesty, it never really appealed to me.  Then my friend Mark took a photo of his old school Mr Lucky tattoos and I was instantly hooked. Like a crazed David Bailey in a pair of Ray Bans.

I never really realised how sad I actually am, but my geekyness is now a trait magnified by my eagerness to happy snap photos of my friend’s choice of footwear or even my vitamin collection (I’m not even exaggerating!)

I’m totally in love with the fashionistas who are showcasing their wardrobes through this ingenious medium.  I’m not even going to lie #manicuremonday has me wondering why the Boomtown Rats even have a zero tolerance to Mondays at all?  Follow your favourite celebrity and see what they ate last (zzzz) or even what they are doing.  It’s like Twitter for those without an imagination.  Seriously, I now have ‘hashtagitus’, it’s a recognised illness honestly……well #at #least #I #think #it #should #be.  I can’t take a photo without thinking what hash tags it should have.  All in all, Instagram is fun! Plus it can make anyone look good.  Winner!

So if you want to see mostly photos of colourful nonsense and me and my friends goofing around, give me a follow!  For all that’s plainQUIRKY.  I’m ‘plainquirky’ and I’m an Instagramaholic.