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Fashion in your ears…

It’s been a while, let me firstly apologise and then I’ll tell you all about the little whirlwind tour I’ve been on.

With the vacuum of space and time in the fashion world and that vacant gap in the run up to  the next Fashion Week season, there’s isn’t a lot that has me excited style wise.  I do however, want to share with you the A-MAAAAAAAZING new YSL vintage clutch that’s been teaming itself with practically all of my wardrobe choices.  She’s so pretty and it goes without saying, you should have at least one vintage accessory in your arsenal as timeless pieces are sometimes what can make your look stand out from the crowd.

Last week was a pretty cool week, I work freelance as a writer and the editor of Flush The Fashion asked me to review the band Spector, which was pretty awesome.  They’re a cool collective with an 80s new romantic revival and a sound that is brilliantly listenable.   To top it off, I had the chance to interview them for the magazine which was amazing, such a great set of guys, with the sharpest style ever.  You should really check them out!  Hot off the heels of their tour with Florence & The Machine and their very own set at this years Coachella, I was nervous but soon relaxed as the interview turned to karaoke classics and their time in America.

So, after a week of floating around the ether, I’m back and I hope you like what I have in store for you all….