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Take a Brow….

With the increase in the ‘angry eyebrow’ seen of late, the beauty of a beautiful brow has  become somewhat of a taboo.  It really shouldn’t.  A good brow can be the make or break of any make up look and for those who know me, I’m rarely seen without grooming mine.  Here is a rundown of some of the best brow products I’ve found.

First has to be my all time beauty must have.  Bobbi Brown Brow Kit.  I’ve talked about this before and my annoyance at it becoming discontinued, however the lovely people at Bobbi Brown have released it as a limited edition and the waiting list is ridiculous.  However if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these little brow savers, you’ll find that whether you have light hair or dark hair the sable and mahogany palette will suit either shades.  My advice however, would be to avoid using the mini brush that comes with it as you can easily end up applying too much product, instead use a MAC 266 for a more precise and even application.

Sticking with the Bobbi Brown theme their Natural Brow Shaper is like a magic wand for brows.  Sometimes I could cringe at girls who have over drawn eyebrows.  They have no definition or texture.  By applying the Brow Shaper to subtly filled in brows, you will be left with a more natural and eye pleasing brow, rather than an angry black slug.

Remember, the shape of your eyebrow can make or break a look.  Often brows are over plucked or untamed and this can really ruin a makeup look.  As I have naturally bushy brows, I find its best to brush the brows upwards and trim along the top line to create a neat even brow.  Recently, I’ve trusted my sister to thread them and it’s a practise that i would fully recommend.  However, be careful to only allow somebody who is trained to thread as you could end up with patchy eyebrows: my worst nightmare!

Smashbox Brow Tech Wax is another of my must have brow products.  This is more so for the girl who has unruly brows.  A colourless wax, it’s used to keep brows in place.  For perfectly defined and groomed brows, I’d recommend investing in one of these!

Finally, I know a lot of American readers will agree, Anastasia Brow Wiz is a must have for girls who have sparse and thin brows who want to add thickness without the brows looking too ‘drawn on’.  Not only is this such a beautiful product, it comes with a handy brow brush to add texture, so for the lazy girl out there who craves a perfect brow, this product is truly for you.  I’d always recommend for those trying to grow their brows, apply a small amount of vaseline to the brows before bed.  This may be an old wives tale but it works!  Oh and make sure the shape of your brow is right for you!  There are so many sites out there with advice on how to suit your brow to your face shape, there’s no excuse to get it wrong! 🙂