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Timeless Trends

Most fashions move at a pace so fast that its gone in the blink of an eye.  The true test comes with time.  From Fashion Weeks to High street, trends transcend the whole spectrum of couture to copy – cat in a matter of weeks.  Its filtered down so much that cheap interpretations flood the market, making it near on impossible to keep your own style personal to you and more importantly: Unique.

I find that Fashion week is a huge inspiration for me however, the trends that are a result of new collections don’t dictate what I should be wearing.  I don’t wait to see what the High Street has to offer, I trawl vintage shops and find my own version of what I think suits my own personal style.  When shopping, you should look for items that you genuinely like.  I find that the most stylish women aren’t afraid to altogether boycott the latest trends and champion a look all of their own.

I’d describe my own personal style as ‘classical quirk’.  I’m inspired by the Hollywood greats but not necessarily your Marilyns or Audreys.  Doris Day is my ultimate style icon.  Her ability to own an androgynous style one minute and transform to the epitome of elegance the next is how I hope my style can one day be described.  Next month I’m visiting the V&A Museum in London with one of my good friends, the home of some of the most classic styles and it’s here where looks are as relevant today as they were when they were first worn; looks that surpass any ‘trends’ that have been a flying fancy and only lasted a short while.  It’s here that girls who are inspired by a vintage look should certainly pay a visit.

If you ever get the chance to watch Grace Kelly in ‘To catch a Thief’ you will appreciate why this is a look that I aspire to emulate.  It’s because of the girls of the Golden Era that my love for vintage finds was born.  Its testament to the time that this is an era that true style was born.  Women weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of style and it’s because of this that so many of the looks are still recreated today.  So, stay true to your own style and what YOU’RE inspired by.  It may not be ‘stylish’ or ‘on trend’ by industry standards but if it’s a true reflection of you, that’s all that matters.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules and be daring.  As my nan always says: ‘It suits the wearer, not the starer!’