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Thrifty Fashionista

By now, you’re probably sick of trying to juggle being a fashionista on a short budget.  Like me, the most fabulous designer offerings are often unaffordable, so its common sense to look to a cheaper alternative.  The High Street is awash with items that marry so well with the latest trends, so you’d be silly to overlook it.

Any stylish British woman (and American!) will know that Topshop is a must have name in your wardrobe.  A lot of my own items have hailed from Topshop.  As I used to be a Sales Assistant in one of their stores as a student, I’d learned the art of being stylish on a budget!  Worn by the likes of Nicola Roberts and Olivia Palermo, Topshop is a name to be trusted.  With shows at London’s Fashion Week, the fashion world is recognising that the High Street is now a big contender in the style stakes.

Although River Island can sometimes be like a jumble sale at Christmas, I have to give credit where it’s due.  The brand is making huge attempts to improve it’s lines and move away from tacky to tolerable.  I have to admit, I used to hate it but now, with new designers offering their eye, the brand offers more trend aware pieces at a pocket friendly price.

So although we can observe the latest high end fashion from afar, for now, High Street is a deserving substitute and has my vote!  So, i’ll admire these lovely treats from Topshop, above.