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Hair we go…

With the top names in the hair industry continuously flooding the markets with new hair products, claiming to be the ‘elixir of life’ for you hair, its sometimes hard to know who to trust.  I’m naturally brunette, so for me, it’s not hard to keep my hair in good condition or worry about its tone.  It’s thankful for a decent conditioner and that’s about it!

On the other hand, my sister bleaches her naturally brunette hair and as all women know, its sometimes a bit hit and miss whether or not bleach will decide to be a diva and turn your hair brassy or zap all condition from your locks.  So it’s not as simple as a quick wash, condition and off you pop.

With violet pigments to counteract any brassy undertones and neutralising any unwanted yellow, SACHAJUAN’s silver shampoo is a knight in shining armour for any woman with bleached hair.  The brand promises volume, shine and stability and although some brands promise but fail to deliver, this is one brand you can trust.  Although it comes with a hefty price tag (£20 shampoo & £22 for conditioner at Selfridges) it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Having trailed the market for a good finishing product for my hair and with a lot of wasted money, I’d given up on finding a decent product that would give me the result I wanted.  Then in walked SACHAJUAN’s hair paste and hair spray and I can honestly say I would recommend to anybody these lifesaving hair gems.  Most women know that hairspray can flake and cause embarrassment or coat the hair with an unwanted sticky residue.  However, these words are banished from the SACHAJUAN vocabulary and are side effects that will not be found when using these products. Sleek straight hair with a brilliant hold. GO AND TRY IT, NOW!

Before I bore the back legs off you with how good this brand is, I’ll finish it on this note.  Harper’s Bazaar have championed this next products as the MUST HAVE hair product for SS13 hair.  SACHAJUAN’s ocean mist is a leave in formula that leaves you with perfectly tousled hair without the effort of hours sat in front of the mirror.  So long rollers and pin curls! Next season it’s all about the loose waves.  Think Versace at this years Milan fashion week and you’ll have hair that pioneers next seasons hottest hair trend.