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Natural Beauty is timeless….

Zac Posen and Alexander Wang celebrated natural beauty at this year’s New York Fashion week, a look that is timeless and so easy to recreate!

I always find that a dewy foundation gives the best finish for a natural look.  It’s not too heavy and gives a lovely, even coverage. Clarins Skin Illusion foundation is perfect for re-creating this.  With an SPF10 protection and a beautiful natural finish it’s the only foundation to use to capture this look fully.  Plus it smells great too! Winner.

Although I’ve always been one to champion the heavy brow, it’s a look that isn’t as prominent as it has been in previous seasons.  This year the heavy brow was showcased at Marc Jacobs, however many other designers opted for the more subtle approach.  Try Clarins eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown to give a softer look.  The delicate brow, seen at shows such as Rodarte and Dior, are going to be a beauty must have.  I adore the Clarins eyebrow pencil, its handy little brow brush is a knight in shining armour for unruly brows.  It’s all about being preened and perfect this season so anything less than perfect is a fashion faux pas.

Keep your blush as low key as your eyes.  Opt for subtle shades of pink and beige and you’ll be onto a winning fashion formula.  Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs can be used wet or dry to create the perfect finish for you just as the nude palette is perfect for this seasons beauty trends.

You’re going to want to finish of with a muted lip.  Clarins lipstick range are one of my absolute favourites.  Not only do they have the nicest finish, the shades suit this season like a well fitted glove.  For a subtle lip my favourite colour has to be Litchi in their Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick range.  They feel luxurious and you’ll want the whole spectrum of colours, believe me!