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Warming to A/W12

I’m feeling very inspired today.

Be it the change in weather or the fact that I’m like a snake when it comes to trends, shedding my style to adapt to new season trends, the release of the new collections for A/W12 has had me inspired and ready for a good old wardrobe overhaul.

Campaigns for A/W 12 have been awash with fashion clashes.  By this I mean juxtapositions of trends.  For example, take Ashley Isham.  Hard lines and leathers clashed with delicate lace to create a beautiful monster.  Or take Aquilano Rimondi’s structured tailoring, made feminine with a touch of ribbon and bows: Genius.  My favourite has to be, however, the revival of the country man with a ‘lady of the manor’ twist.  Think tweed – but not in the Chanel sense.  Greens and muted countryside hues, think conkers and Jodhpurs but with an accent of glamour.  A tailored silhouette, Burberry’s campaign will be the winter look I will be swaying towards this season.  Its one heck of a wish list, the most stylist wish list on the planet.  I can feel a whole new wardrobe coming on….can you?