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p.s my eye brows are still bleached i look like an alien!

Deary Me, Kelly Osbourne has had a disaster moment at the Lollapalooza CKOne After Party .  One I had to raise my own eyebrows at.  SHE’S RUINED HER’S!

I’m a lover of a good strong brow as you may well know.  So when I saw what she’d done, I had to do a double take. As a self-confessed Joan Ranger, I’m DYEing to see what her Fashion Police co-star will have to say about it.

Massive sighs of relief however that the star has only been rocking this look following a shoot for Fault Magazine….Please Kelly, get your brows back!  While she’s at it, she could get her roots dyed; I’m normally a HUGE fan of her lilac locks but not so much with a mousey root…….nightmare!

As a Queen of Quirk, Kelly Osbourne rarely puts a foot wrong but this time, I think it’s a step too far…