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Fashion Show in a field…

I’m going to Leeds Festival at the end of the month and I’m already breathing into a brown paper bag at the thought of what to wear.  Every girl knows that festival season is the time to experiment with your own style and bring out the most quirky items in your wardrobe.

The festival essentials and a girl’s best friend are a pair of denim shorts (preferably vintage).  Everyone knows these will be in their thousands at festivals up and down the country.  However the question that is driving me insane is: WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR WITH THEM??!

Choice one:  The trusty band Tee.  Teamed with a camo jacket, this is for the serious grunge chick only.

Then there is the plaid shirt. BLEH……NEXT!

Option three and the option that causes my blood pressure to rise the least is the oversized jersey maxi.  Worn with a pair of cowboy boots, I’m guessing this is going to be my festival staple.  I hope I’m not the only girl out there who doesn’t have a mild heart attack at her Leeds wardrobe.  Though I can guarantee that these looks will change within a week of going!

The one thing i am sure about, however, is I know for certain my sunglasses are going to be BIG and round.  The must have for this season!  A pair even John Lennon would be proud of….