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If you are not already on the Frank Ocean tip you are missing out on the premier R&B singer of today.

Frank. Ocean.  The two words on everybody’s lips.

Lesser known for his song – writing abilities on tracks for John Legend and Beyonce Knowles, Ocean is coming into his own and he has everybody listening.

With velvet vocals, his lyrics may be controversial but it doesn’t matter; he could sing the alphabet and it would still sound sexy.  An RnB tone with a smooth Hip Hop beat, his sound has its own blueprint.  With collaborations with Jay – Z and Kanye West on ‘No Church In The Wild’, he’s set up for instant success.  Even without such strong industry connections, he is already moulded for success with that voice….WOW, THAT VOICE.

What does make me sad inside though, is the media’s concentration on his sexuality. C’mon, he makes great music, who cares! Write about that instead and give the kid a break.  I love Frank Ocean, whatever lifestyle choices he makes.  He makes brilliant music, music I’ll be listening to for a long time, yet.

What’s more, his sense of style is on point. He’s sharp. He’s gonna go a long way, this kid.  Personal faves: