He isn’t playing any games…

Boy George.  Known for all the wrong reasons but more recently for his cover of Lana Del Ray’s ‘Video Games’.

I take no shame in saying that this version is set to rival the original.  Lana Del Ray has stormed the music scene with a marmite reaction.  Love her or hate her, her music is well recognised for her dreary tones & melodic sound. 

Enter Culture Club’s Boy George. With a juxtaposed flamboyancy, a more upbeat version is born.  This time I really think the true meaning of the song is put forward,  instead of actually thinking Lana wants to commit after she’s sang the song.  It’s a real love story not a post break up angst which her tone would make you believe.  I don’t dislike her, I just think Boy George has done her own song more justice!  It’s the lyrics I love but I won’t lie, Lana’s video takes the gold, Boy’s is horrible….I really think he could have done better there.

Not my usual cup of tea but I think he’s won me over this time…