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Bobbi Brows

It’s a well-known fact.  My eyebrows are my pride and joy.

Coming from just outside of Liverpool, us northern girls love a good strong brow and I refuse to use anything other than my Bobbi Brown brow kit.  It’s lasted me ages.

Unsuspecting, a few months back, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to buy some make up remover (BRILLIANT) and a new brow kit, only to be told the crushing news. IT HAD BEEN DISCONTINUED!

This is harrowing news for a northern girl. I know, I know, a simple dark shadow does the same job but I like what I know and it saddens me that the lone ranger shadow looks so lost without a mini pair of tweezers, lighter shade of shadow and mirror.  It was genius if you ask me…..

It was my own fault really for not keeping up to date, I could have saved myself from the mini heart attack, so after purchasing just a shadow and a new brush, I now hear it has been re – released as a limited edition and is completely sold out!  That’s like waving sweets at a child and saying ‘but you can’t have them!’ – cruel!

If you can get your hands on this little kit, snap it up.  It lasts for ages and is a brilliant product.  Bobbi Brown is a name you can trust I’m just so sad that I have to wait until they come back into stock!