Tattooist at Swansea Tattoo Company. Swansea, South Wales.

I take no shame in saying I have a new obsession.  Her name is Aimee and she has tattoos.  Lots of them. Oh and heart nails, seriously, they’re kitsch and quirky, and I like anything with quirk.

Gone are the days where tattooed folk are ostracised for being weird.  Check out Aimee’s and you’ll be guaranteed to have the urge to draw all over yourself.  Slightly weird but slightly true.

I have four, my biggest covering my forearm.  My Russian Doll.  She’s purdy.  Tattoos are art and what Aimee does is share her massive talent; using people’s skin as a canvas, colouring them in with original and eye catching designs…

With a cool sense of style and make up that’s always polished, she’s not your conventional style crush but who likes to conform, anyway?