The first thing I did was remind her of all the shoes she wore over the years,  and we took the styles that we can’t live without.

I had really hoped that Madonna had learnt her lesson after her collaboration with H&M all those years ago…..So here she is, the Grandma of Pop with another attack on the Fashion World. A 60 strong shoe collection available at Selfridges under the umbrella of her ‘Truth or Dare’ line.

  I grew up thinking I was Madge, innocently singing ‘Like a Virgin’ without knowing what I was actually singing about.  So I’ve got a massive amount of love for her. BUT her latest shoe collection….not so much.  It all seems a bit ‘haven’t I seen this before?!’ because her shoes lack originality.  Dirty words when you’re talking about the woman who spearheaded the word back in the 80’s.

My verdict?  Nice shoes but I’m sure I could get the same design at Topshop for a snippet of the price. I like the brogues but they’re nothing I haven’t seen seasons ago. Simple designs with a Louboutin shape and Jeffery Campbell stud. ZZZZZZZZZZ. This is probably going against the grain as aren’t we supposed to love everything Madonna does?  I’m not sold. Stick to flashing your tatties, Madge.